A little travel tip; Pay N Play Casino

As you obviously know, I am a British native with Japanese parents. So it will probably not surprise you that I am used to travelling quite a bit. But this is probably not very special as people are travelling more and more nowadays. I notice this when I go to Japan and hear Brits everywhere. That is also why I want to give you guys a little tip. This will be especially interesting if you are as much into online casinos as I am. I want to be able to play anywhere without any hassle. And I have found the perfect solution for it, a Pay N Play Casino.

What is it?

A Pay N Play Casino is not much different from a regular online casino. The biggest difference is that you don’t have to create an online casino account to be able to play. You can just deposit and play immediately. The casino can identify you by your bank details or your IP address, but it’ll never invade your privacy. If you play with a VPN for example, or from somewhere else, the casino will only recognize you by the details you provide. Which don’t even have to be an email or phone number.

One single payment method

Another bonus from a Pay N Play Casino is that there is usually only one payment option available. This is great because it saves the casino some bucks, that it can invest in better slot machines and casino bonuses. Usually you can use Trustly, which is a method that can be used for many online systems throughout Europe. So as long as you have a European or UK bank account, you can play in an online casino with it. And it is just as safe as any other method nowadays.

Slot machines

When it comes to slot machines, some of the Pay N Play Casinos don’t offer as much choice as you are used to. But that just means that you need to put in a little effort to find the right casino. You will do that anyway, even when you are looking for a regular online casino so this won’t be that much of a hassle. And you only need to do it once. That is why, before you start playing anywhere, you should take a look around in the casino and find out if the slot machines on offer are good enough for you.

Casinos are constantly improving

One last thing to keep in mind is that Pay N Play Casinos, just like regular casinos, are constantly improving. That means that slot machines that they aren’t offering today, can be in the casino tomorrow. The same goes for payment methods and everything else. There is no business that moves as fast as the online casino industry. And that has everything to do with the amount of competition. The more competition there is, the more the online casinos have to keep renewing and improving their slot machine offer.

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