A Typical Day At Work

Before I became a freelance game designer I always wondered what the average work day is like for one. Now I no longer have to wonder, because I have experienced it first hand. I always hated working for others, so to find a career where I can be my own boss has been an amazing experience for me, My home office is in a corner of my tiny apartment. My day starts with coffee and breakfast, followed by a quick shower and dress. Even though I work at home I make it a point to dress like I would if I was working in an office. The main reason for this is because it makes me feel more confident, which makes me more productive.

Since I am currently working on designing a new game, the details of which I cannot yet reveal, my work day starts with a review of the previous day’s progress. I then compile a to-do list for the day that helps keep me on track so that I can mark off each step I complete. Afterwards, I move through the list, checking and doubling checking my work before anything gets marked as finished. This goes on until early afternoon when I break for lunch and a quick power nap.

Wide awake and alert, I am then ready to resume the creation of my latest game. I test my calculations and ensure that each necessary aspect of my game is coming together. By the end of my work day I am ready to test my game as if I was playing it for the first time. Upon completing a test run, I make note of the aspects of the game that worked and the aspects that didn’t. This allows me to start mentally mapping out my plan of attack for tomorrow’s work day, I then call it a day and will generally relax over a quick dinner and end the evening with a phone call to my parents. My mother is always particularly interested in hearing about my latest accomplishments, which is something I always proudly share with her and my father.

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