Explaining My Job To Young Women I Date

I am finding out that when I tell women what I do for a living, some pretend to be fascinated by the subject while others clearly show their lack of interest in it. This was particularly obvious when I recently took a woman who shall remain nameless, out to dinner. Having never met her before, I was relying on our mutual friend to help me find companionship. What neither of us counted on was that this woman, while kind and beautiful, did not seem to even want to fake an interest in what I do for a living. Over the usual getting to know you questions anyone would ask on a date, the subject of what I do for a living was broached by her. As I explained to her what I do and why and how I do it, I saw nothing more than a glazed over look in her eyes. Rather than asking me any follow up questions about the subject, she immediately changed it. And while we had a perfectly pleasant conversation I don’t think that I will be seeing her again.

Though I do not expect anyone else to find my job as fascinating as I do, I would like to find a lady friend that at least takes an interest in learning more about it. Through conversations with friends as well as acquaintances, I have come to realize that the word “freelance” seems to strike doubt in many people. Too many people that I have broached the subject to have said that it doesn’t seem like freelancing is a smart way to earn a living. Lady friends of mine have even implied that the reason I am single is because some women perceive me as not having a real job.

This strikes a chord with me. My parents always encouraged me to work hard and follow my dreams even if they didn’t always agree with what those dreams were. When I first told them I wanted to make a go at becoming a freelance game designer, they wished me well. I believe that their faith in me is a significant part of the reason why I now have a successful career doing what I love.

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