No Rest For The Wicked

Many of my friends have spent their vacation time traveling the world. In their travels they have experienced the U,S. to a great extent. And while I greatly enjoy hearing about all of their adventures in the states, I have not been able to follow in their footsteps. Work and personal obligations keep me busy almost constantly. So while my friends are texting me pictures of their vacation destinations I am holed up at the computer in my home office.

For me, a vacation is designing a casino game that once only existed in my own imagination. Yet I have found this to be just as satisfying as getting on a plane and going anywhere in this world could be. It provides a mental escape for me that I cherish every day. Being able to live in the world of one of my games is an idea that has been appealing to me since i made the decision to become a freelancer.

It is not unusual for a game I am working on to creep into my dreams. Countless times I have woken up in the middle of the night with new ideas for whatever game I am working on at the time. Many times those ideas actually make it into the final product. I believe this is what makes my games so much different from games created by other developers.

Inspiration and creativity are a big part of my life. They have always given me the motivation that I need to keep working on an idea in my head until I have turned it into a reality. Sometimes I get so excited about work projects that I actually put off personal obligations to pursue my work even on evenings and weekends when my friends are all congregating at the local pub. And while this may make me sound like a stick in the mud to those who don’t know me, those who do realize that I have a passion for my work that is unprecedented among my peers.

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