Readers, I Am Your Guide

My name is Eric Agaki and I am from Hertfordshire, U.K. Having grown up with Japanese parents I quickly became interested in the gambling industry. So much so, in fact, that I now make my living as an online casino game developer. I have cultivated a successful freelance career in which I have developed games for Drake, Mr. Green, Casumo and BGO online casinos.

I was raised to believe that gambling is a prestigious activity that well-to-do people such as my parents use as a social outlet. Growing up in Hertfordshire, I could never understand the huge appeal. Until my fellow UK residents sat up and took notice of online casinos, I couldn’t see what the appeal was. But now I put food on the table and pay for the roof over my head by developing games that gamblers are clambering to get to.

Until I became a freelance game developer I played a few slot machines at some of the earliest launched online casinos. One thing I noticed was that most of the games were carbon copies of each other. That is when I was inspired to begin creating my own games. I already had an interest in programming, so I went on to study it at University. Upon graduation I began freelancing for a small, unpopular online casino. While I didn’t find that very fulfilling, it did allow me to get the experience I needed to gain the attention of larger and more established casinos all over the Internet.

Ever since then, it has been my goal to keep creating new and original games that gamblers of any age can enjoy. Taking inspiration from the topics that interest myself and the people around me, I created quite a few games that I am very proud of. Now that I have discovered my calling, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Becoming a freelance game designer has taught me more than I ever thought it was possible to learn.

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